Mercatus announced the availability of PDF Parser,  technology-augmented PDF data extraction for private markets. The Mercatus platform’s PDF Parser feature mitigates the challenges of data on-boarding, help to eliminate manual extraction of asset reports, investor memos and other custom reporting. Because PDFs are designed for humans and not computers, they do not have a defined structure that allows users to gather data from it easily. The Mercatus data management platform allows users to query, search, filter, merge, sort and extract texts and images from any PDF documents in an effective way. Features include:

  • Document Parser Templates – leverage configurable document Parser templates for automated and repeatable data extraction from assets, performance reports, investor memos and more.
  • Batching and Historical Entry – Upload a batch of PDFs at one time to load data for single or multiple entities. Upload decades worth of data in minutes.
  • Auditing and Governance – Construct data lineage across an entire investment portfolio. Track and audit where data is coming from, how it is being used and who is using it.