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Day: July 23, 2020

Strapi Enterprise Edition beta adds role-based access control for security and governance

Strapi, developers of a headless content management system (CMS), announced beta availability of enterprise editions that add Role-Based Access Control capabilities needed by enterprises for security and governance. The Enterprise Edition beta comes after the general availability of the Community Edition and can be deployed anywhere: public or private cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean), Platform-as-a-Service (Heroku,, etc) or on-premise servers.

The Enterprise Edition is available in two self-hosted paid plans: Silver and Gold. The Silver plan starting price for an unlimited number of users is $299 per month per project, which comes with basic support, as well as online training for developers and content editors. The Gold plan includes a higher level of support with a Service Level Agreement and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to provide guidance on Strapi project architecture, deployment, and hosting, as well as identification of potential workarounds for features that may not yet be available. Pricing is dependent on specific terms and size of the deployment.

SyncWords launches new generation media localization AI in 100+ Languages

SyncWords  launched the next generation of its media localization platform for translating and subtitling both live and on-demand videos in over 100 languages. Content creators have traditionally faced significant barriers to localizing their content including high costs, technical hurdles, and long turnaround times. SyncWords AI automates the process, enabling realtime subtitling solutions and delivering subtitles for pre-recorded content that reduces the time, effort, and cost of machine translation post-editing workflows. SyncWords’ media localization AI provides smart parsing and handling of content and metadata through the translation process and assembles the translated output into UX-optimized subtitles while transferring word-level timings to ensure timing accuracy throughout. The next generation of SyncWords’ media localization AI extends the accuracy and quality of results that can be produced through automation by introducing features for precise adherence to source templates, word-level alignments of translations with the source, automated alignment of human translations with source, and maximum context for translations, among other features.

AWS announces general availability of Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Amazon Web Services Inc. announced the general availability of Contact Lens, a set of capabilities for Amazon Connect enabled by machine learning, that gives contact centers the ability to understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance of customer conversations to improve their experience and identify crucial feedback. Amazon Connect is a cloud contact center service that helps companies of any size deliver customer service on the same technology as Amazon’s customer service.

Contact Lens capabilities are built into the Amazon Connect experience, and provides metadata (such as transcriptions, sentiment, and categorization tags) in customers’ Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets in a well-defined schema. Businesses can export this information and use additional tools like Amazon QuickSight or Tableau to do further analysis and combine it with data from other sources. Contact Lens requires no technical expertise, and getting started takes just a few clicks in Amazon Connect.

Box and Google Cloud deepen strategic partnership

Google Cloud and Box, Inc.  announced a strategic partnership to help customers transform the way they work. Under the strategic partnership, Box will leverage Google Cloud and its advanced capabilities to enhance the scale, performance, and the intelligence of its cloud content management platform globally. Box and Google Cloud will also create a seamless experience for the thousands of enterprises using G Suite with Box for secure, remote work in the cloud.

  • Box will leverage Google Cloud as a key provider for data storage across the globe.
  • The companies are also building on their machine-learning integrations to deliver Google Cloud’s Document AI as part of the Box Skills Kit to improve intelligent data processing, and are exploring further integrations to enhance intelligent security and compliance use cases to help customers safeguard sensitive content.
  • Box currently supports Google Cloud Identity. Later this year, Box plans to build single sign-on (SSO) enhancements. Box plans to add support for Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication of managed users and external collaborators via time-based OTP (one-time password).
  • Box is developing a new G Suite Add-on to enable a “save to Box” experience for G Suite, allowing customers the ability to start a document within their G Suite environment and save back to Box.

The additional Box for G Suite enhancements are expected to be available for joint customers by Q4 at no additional charge.

Dassault Systèmes delivers new collaborative data science experiences

Dassault Systèmes announced the enhancement of collaborative data science capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Dassault Systèmes’ customers can capitalize on their data patrimony by engaging in new virtual twin experiences in which knowledge found in unstructured text data is transformed into actionable content and insights. This follows the acquisition of the privately-held company Proxem, a France-based specialist in artificial intelligence-powered semantic processing software and services, and provider of customer experience analysis solutions.

Dassault Systèmes has integrated Proxem’s Proxem Studio, into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to complement NETVIBES EXALEAD information intelligence applications. This accelerates the portfolio of available AI models, while transforming public and accessible content into a reusable industry knowledge graph. Proxem Studio delivers a combination of rule-based natural language understanding, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies.

The combination of AI with modelling and simulation applications will enable 3DEXPERIENCE platform users to automate the interpretation of knowledge found in requirements, regulations, customer and quality feedback, contracts, as well as in scientific publications, research reports or clinical trial results. This triggers new collaboration opportunities and facilitates planning and execution across the extended enterprise.

IPV announces “Arrival” of Curator 3.0

Video content management provider IPV announced the availability of Curator Arrival, version 3.0 of its media asset management platform. The release includes performance-based improvements designed to support remote and hybrid workflows, increase user efficiency and ROI, and strengthen security. New feature highlights:

Clip Link: An Enhanced Search Experience. IPV has significantly improved the search experience in Curator Clip Link, building on the AI-enabled search results introduced in v2.3 with search highlighting. Curator Clip Link also now features List View, which gives users the ability to organize search results in a list view and customize the metadata columns for a personalized user interface.

Curator for Adobe Panel for Remote Workflows. IPV’s integration for Adobe Premiere Pro, Curator for Adobe now has the same search highlighting functionality as Clip Link, improving the user experience and creating consistency between Curator applications. The Panel also now features a new importer allowing cloud-hosted graphics files to be imported into Premiere Pro. This ensures editors can access the most up-to-date brand graphics assets stored in the cloud directly through Curator without needing access to other file storage devices. “Swap to” and export functions, which were introduced in v2.3 with the ability to choose individual assets to swap, now includes the ability to choose which hi-res version to swap to if there are multiple renditions of the same file (4K, HD, etc.). And now, users can import subclips directly into the Panel by marking in and out points in clips to import only the section needed, rather than the entire clip.

Curator Connect Gets a Speed and Performance Boost. Curator Connect is now faster, increasing the 3x faster file copies and bulk folder import introduced in the v2.3 release. Curator Connect’s new checksum architecture reduces the strain on home Wi-Fi bandwidth as the amount of data transferred is significantly less. The new approach has helped cut down on infrastructure costs.

Curator Gateway Provides Fine-Grained User Controls for Secure Remote Operations. Introduced as a new application in the previous 2.3 release, Curator Gateway is designed to give users fine-grained control over their Curator accounts, making it a self-service setup when possible and reducing strain on IT teams and system administrators. Version 3.0 features improved security with built-in user authentication plus integrations with various authentication providers, and ease of use with single-sign-on across Curator’s end user applications. System admins can also now deactivate and reactivate user accounts – perfect for managing freelance users – and monitor user analytics for a deeper understanding of system use. Remote access is now smoother and more secure thanks to Curator Gateway.

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