SDL announced its machine translation (MT) technology is now available through the Reynen Court LLC platform, enabling legal firms and departments to provision and deploy SDL Machine Translation to securely translate any type of legal document or file. The Reynen Court platform combines a content-rich solution store and a control panel that simplifies the process for law firms and legal departments to source, evaluate, deploy, monitor and manage legal technology applications. Platform users can employ a multicloud technology strategy that includes on-premises data centers and virtual private clouds under the platform user’s control without compromising informational security, environmental stability, and infrastructure control. The platform also allows users to manage software subscriptions and evaluate usage and consumption metrics from across its tech stack in one place, permitting them to optimize technological investment through the deployment of legal technology. Reynen Court was established with support from a consortium of 19 leading global law firms. The latest version of SDL Machine Translation goes beyond automatic translation and integrates with multiple platforms to power digital customer experience, eDiscovery, due diligence, contract review, analytics, internal communications and collaboration.,