MongoDB, Inc. announced a series of products that comprise the MongoDB Cloud platform that give developers a better way to work with data, wherever it resides. The launch of MongoDB 4.4, general availability of Atlas Data Lake and Atlas Search, and the general availability of MongoDB Realm offers organizations an escape from data silos and fragmented APIs as MongoDB Cloud delivers a developer-optimized, cloud-to-mobile platform. With MongoDB’s document data model, developers can structure data any way the application requires – from rich, hierarchical objects to simple key-value pairs and tables to connected graphs – and then query it with a single API. This gives developers a consistent and productive experience across the broadest set of workloads.

The addition of Atlas Data Lake and Atlas Search to the MongoDB Cloud platform simplifies modern data infrastructure, extends applications with rich search experiences and unlocks analytics for data archived in a data lake. Using the same MongoDB Query Language (MQL) and data model, with Atlas Data Lake a user can run a query and have the data brought back to them: whether it is real-time transactional data in the global Atlas global cloud database or a relevance-based search query with Atlas Search or a long-running analytical query on data in object storage. Using MongoDB Cloud, developers no longer need to deal with the cognitive burden of flipping back and forth between multiple technologies, query languages and data models. MongoDB’s Realm Sync enables bi-directional data synchronization between Realm’s mobile client on the front end and Atlas on the backend. This allows for data to be seamlessly shared between devices and with the backing database without complex conflict resolution and integration code.