Platformic unveiled version 3.0 of its enterprise web development software. Acontent management system (CMS) with a built-in point-and-click mechanism for building layouts visually, Platformic removes the need to hard-code websites or use third-party web authoring tools. The new version is based on Platformic’s ability to simplify web development and management with its browser-based building capability and cascading style sheet (CSS) template generation tool that automatically and visually writes fully validated, nested CSS Div structures through a point-and-click architecture. Users can now import a flattened Photoshop file of their website using the Image Guide, which can then be used to guide the building process. The Layout and Style Console are used to build the structure of the site based on the Image Guide. The Platformic system then automatically builds a nested, compliant and validated CSS structure as the user visually creates each page. Previous releases of Platformic had browser based CSS generation functionality, but with the new release, the method of navigating through a nested div structure has been made even easier. A Platformic user can now navigate through “parent” and “child” user levels and highlight the complete contents of specific layers, enabling him/her to see everything within that container. Complex nested structures can be easily navigated as the page structure is organized. Tool Tips show users exactly where they are within the CSS structure and reveal the properties of each container.