Document Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: DOCX) announced it has completed the acquisition of CambridgeDocs a provider of document transformation and repurposing technology. The acquired technology will allow xPression, to import and repurpose content from popular formats, including Word, HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, and Adobe FrameMaker, enabling customers to leverage the tens of thousands of documents existing throughout an enterprise without having to manually recreate the content. Once transformed, the content can be made available for delivery through Document Sciences xPression product suite, as well as independently through XML-based Web Services. The transformed content can also be classified and indexed within enterprise information portals, and aggregated, assembled and (re)published in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, Postscript, IBM AFP, PCL and RTF. In addition to tighter integration with CambridgeDocs technology, Document Sciences will continue to develop CambridgeDoc’s xDoc product suite. The xDoc products sold through OEM software agreements with vendors in the XML content management and publishing area. The entire CambridgeDocs team, located in Cambridge, MA, and Lahore, Pakistan, will be joining the Document Sciences.,