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Boston MA, February 5, 2007. The Gilbane Group and Lighthouse Seminars today announced conference tracks for the Gilbane Conference San Francisco, taking place April 10-12, 2007, at the Palace Hotel. The 2007 event returns to San Francisco with a greatly expanded collection of educational programs, including tracks focused on web and other enterprise content management applications, enterprise search and information access technologies, publishing technology, wikis, blogs and collaboration tools, and information on globalization and translation technology.

Tracks and sample conference sessions at the Gilbane Conference San Francisco include:

Content Management Track
This track is focused on strategies and technologies for managing multiple types of content, either with different types of repository systems, or with supporting technologies. IT and business strategists and all types of content managers will benefit from sessions in this track.

  • The Analysts Debate Content Technologies and Trends
  • Defining the BPM/ECM Intersection
  • Introduction to Enterprise DRM

Web Content Management Track
WCM as a discipline is still in its infancy. If you are responsible for a website, or the content management system or strategy behind your organization’s web presence, this entire track will be relevant to you.

  • Different Approaches to Purchasing a CMS: Open Source vs. SaaS/ASP vs. Licensed
  • Don’t Forget Your Site is for Your Customers

Enterprise Search Track
Sessions will place focus on the types of search problems enterprises have and need to solve by examining both cases and the technologies being turned to in medium and large organizations. How organizations make choices about what types of products to select and implement will also be explored in this track.

  • The Arena: Differentiating Search Products
  • Search and the IT Role for Enterprise-wide Initiatives

Collaboration & Enterprise Blogs & Wikis Track
The Gilbane Group has been covering the use of blog and wiki technologies for enterprise applications since 2005. This track will bring attendees up-to-speed on the technologies, why companies are using them, and what kinds of enterprise applications such “social software” is appropriate for.

  • Enterprise Wiki CEO/CTO Panel
  • Collaboration & Web 2.0 Technologies

Publishing Technology and Best Practices
There is a constant stream of new technology options that could have a profound impact on publishing processes. Customers are demanding that intellectual property be delivered in the media that they prefer and they may require multiple media forms of the same content. The trend towards online communities and the increased deployment of collaboration technologies enables new methodologies for authoring and reviewing. These sessions will help publishing professionals to consider these future trends and developments.

  • The Future of Publishing: Key Influences and Macro Trends
  • Cross-Media Strategy: Tools & Technologies, Processes, Skills, & Organizational Challenges

LISA Forum & Workshops
Since 1990, the LISA Forums and Global Strategies Summits have been dedicated to delivering best practices and standards for facilitating international business. Conference sessions include:

  • Authoring for Global Audiences: Closing the Gap Between Authoring and Localization
  • Managing Content Globally: What Works, What Doesnt

The conference program schedule, tutorial, track and session descriptions are all available on the conference site. For more information visit:

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