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Day: October 23, 2005

Liquid Machines & Trinity Announce Enterprise Rights Management Solution for Documentum

Liquid Machines, Inc. and Trinity Technologies announced the Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway. The Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway is an enterprise rights management solution that extends the access controls and audit capabilities of Documentum’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform beyond the Documentum repository to ensure information protection and compliance throughout the information management lifecycle. EMC Documentum controls access to and tracks usage of documents within the repository, but a document becomes unmanaged as soon as it is retrieved, published to a web site or portal, or distributed to a partner via email. Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway enforces Documentum policies and tracks user actions on data as it travels outside of the repository and is used within native applications such as Microsoft Office, Visio, and Adobe Acrobat. Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway provides a single point of policy management that allows administrators to define, assign, enforce and audit content policies using their Documentum management interface. Additionally, Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway supports secure collaboration, allowing users and groups to cooperate during the content development and editing process, while maintaining Documentum protection and auditing user actions. Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway also allows content user to work with protected content while offline without having to connect to a licensing server first. The Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway is available immediately. ,

SealedMedia Unveils Documentum Content Server Solution

SealedMedia Inc. unveiled SealedMedia Sealing Service for Documentum (SSD), an integrated enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) product to extend content management solutions, such as EMC Documentum 5. SealedMedia SSD adds access control, version management, and audit capability beyond the Documentum repository, to cover information that users download and store on desktop PCs, laptop computers and handheld devices – inside and outside the firewall. Authorized users can now open and work with information regardless of where it resides, and SealedMedia enforces consistent control, regardless of who or how many people receive it, even while information is in use. Files are also encrypted in a way that does not interfere with or disrupt regular workflow. SealedMedia SSD is implemented within Documentum’s Business Object Framework and exposes Java and SOAP web service interfaces. The sealing service is the latest in a series of SealedMedia extensions to the Documentum ECM platform, including such “Designed for Documentum” accredited solutions as Sealed eRoom and Sealed Documentum Templates. SealedMedia Sealing Service for Documentum is available immediately.

FAST Announces Personal Search Platform

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced availability of the FAST Personal Search Platform (FAST PSP). FAST PSP extends FAST’s enterprise search technology to a platform that enables enterprises to make every desktop computer a search hub. Partners can use FAST PSP to deliver service solutions that extend their strategic offerings to the end-user desktop. FAST PSP unifies the desktop, the enterprise and the Web and is able to fuse with enterprise-specific resources such as CRM, SFA and ERP to provide a single integrated domain for knowledge workers. FAST PSP meets enterprise requirements that information will remain secure, confidential and inside the organization. As a B2B offering, FAST PSP enables System Integrators and Independent Software Vendors to develop and deliver services beyond those traditionally associated with Web based solutions, extending the strategic importance of their offerings and opening new revenue opportunities. FAST PSP is architected as an open, configurable and secure desktop solution framework. As such, it is possible through their APIs, to embed proprietary features or applications into a customized ‘white-label’ Partner solution.

ClearForest & Kapow Partner

ClearForest Corporation and Kapow Technologies announced a strategic partnership designed to broaden customers’ ability to access Web content for business intelligence applications. Under terms of the partnership, ClearForest and Kapow will jointly market solutions that leverage the Kapow Web Integration Platform to enable Clearforest’s text analytics platform to extract and analyze information from any Web source. Kapow’s Web Integration Platform uses a visual browser interface to automatically collect Web-based information, including Web pages, blog posts, text, documents, files, Web Services or other data. The Kapow Platform can also automate the cleansing of this data to isolate only relevant content by removing navigational elements, advertisements, and other irrelevant information. This can then be fed through the ClearForest text extraction engine to identify entities, facts, and events contained in the content. The combination of ClearForest and Kapow Technologies provides customers with the ability to collect unstructured information from external Web content and combine that with data from within the enterprise to supercharge business intelligence applications.,

Verity Releases K2 Enterprise (K2E) 6.0

Verity Inc. (NASDAQ:VRTY) announced the availability of the newest release of its specialized search application development platform, Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E). Version 6.0 includes a new Business Console to enhance relevance management, a new User Interface Building Blocks feature that accelerates deployment and improved navigation. K2E’s new User Interface Building Blocks deliver widgets for basic and advanced search, as well as attribute and category browsing. IT administrators can configure the User Interface Building Blocks without additional programming. The redesigned K2 Dashboard streamlines administration by providing IT administrators with a single system view of their entire K2 deployment, including multiple servers. IT administrators can now deploy Faceted Navigation user interfaces. Verity K2E’s new Business Console enables IT administrators and business managers to view search trends, react to changing search patterns, and provide targeted results to end-users. The Business Console can be integrated with Verity Collaborative Classifier, a K2E capability that distributes taxonomy management to the people who know and use the content with knowledge engineers who specialize in classification. New XML query capabilities leverage the structure of XML documents. Microsoft Outlook email and attachments, such as PST archives, can now be indexed and searched, as can individual files within a ZIP archive. Connectivity to enterprise content sources has also been enhanced with support for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and support for Documentum compound documents.

RedDot Launches CMS 6.5 and LiveServer 2.3

RedDot Solutions announced the availability of new versions of its Web Content Management Software, RedDot CMS 6.5, and content delivery and application integration software, LiveServer 2.3. The new functionality in CMS 6.5 and LiveServer 2.3 was developed to extend usability, deliver more relevant content, and make site administration more flexible. New integration of RedDot CMS and LiveServer adds contextual content delivery features to RedDot’s content management system. Online marketing campaigns and other personalization projects can now be directly driven from the RedDot CMS interface and published to LiveServer using new point and click interfaces. The interface allows business users to choose content, select market segments with drop down menus and determine exactly how that content should be delivered. CMS 6.5 provides integration to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. CMS 6.5 also includes an out-of-the-box integration with TRADOS Term Management for automated translation for multi-lingual sites. LiveServer 2.3 features a secure environment for administrators to build blogs, forums and other facilities to capture and display visitor comments. “Wiki” technology can be incorporated. ,

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