RedDot Solutions announced the availability of new versions of its Web Content Management Software, RedDot CMS 6.5, and content delivery and application integration software, LiveServer 2.3. The new functionality in CMS 6.5 and LiveServer 2.3 was developed to extend usability, deliver more relevant content, and make site administration more flexible. New integration of RedDot CMS and LiveServer adds contextual content delivery features to RedDot’s content management system. Online marketing campaigns and other personalization projects can now be directly driven from the RedDot CMS interface and published to LiveServer using new point and click interfaces. The interface allows business users to choose content, select market segments with drop down menus and determine exactly how that content should be delivered. CMS 6.5 provides integration to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. CMS 6.5 also includes an out-of-the-box integration with TRADOS Term Management for automated translation for multi-lingual sites. LiveServer 2.3 features a secure environment for administrators to build blogs, forums and other facilities to capture and display visitor comments. “Wiki” technology can be incorporated. ,