SealedMedia Inc. unveiled SealedMedia Sealing Service for Documentum (SSD), an integrated enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) product to extend content management solutions, such as EMC Documentum 5. SealedMedia SSD adds access control, version management, and audit capability beyond the Documentum repository, to cover information that users download and store on desktop PCs, laptop computers and handheld devices – inside and outside the firewall. Authorized users can now open and work with information regardless of where it resides, and SealedMedia enforces consistent control, regardless of who or how many people receive it, even while information is in use. Files are also encrypted in a way that does not interfere with or disrupt regular workflow. SealedMedia SSD is implemented within Documentum’s Business Object Framework and exposes Java and SOAP web service interfaces. The sealing service is the latest in a series of SealedMedia extensions to the Documentum ECM platform, including such “Designed for Documentum” accredited solutions as Sealed eRoom and Sealed Documentum Templates. SealedMedia Sealing Service for Documentum is available immediately.