Verity Inc. (NASDAQ:VRTY) announced the availability of the newest release of its specialized search application development platform, Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E). Version 6.0 includes a new Business Console to enhance relevance management, a new User Interface Building Blocks feature that accelerates deployment and improved navigation. K2E’s new User Interface Building Blocks deliver widgets for basic and advanced search, as well as attribute and category browsing. IT administrators can configure the User Interface Building Blocks without additional programming. The redesigned K2 Dashboard streamlines administration by providing IT administrators with a single system view of their entire K2 deployment, including multiple servers. IT administrators can now deploy Faceted Navigation user interfaces. Verity K2E’s new Business Console enables IT administrators and business managers to view search trends, react to changing search patterns, and provide targeted results to end-users. The Business Console can be integrated with Verity Collaborative Classifier, a K2E capability that distributes taxonomy management to the people who know and use the content with knowledge engineers who specialize in classification. New XML query capabilities leverage the structure of XML documents. Microsoft Outlook email and attachments, such as PST archives, can now be indexed and searched, as can individual files within a ZIP archive. Connectivity to enterprise content sources has also been enhanced with support for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and support for Documentum compound documents.