Liquid Machines, Inc. and Trinity Technologies announced the Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway. The Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway is an enterprise rights management solution that extends the access controls and audit capabilities of Documentum’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform beyond the Documentum repository to ensure information protection and compliance throughout the information management lifecycle. EMC Documentum controls access to and tracks usage of documents within the repository, but a document becomes unmanaged as soon as it is retrieved, published to a web site or portal, or distributed to a partner via email. Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway enforces Documentum policies and tracks user actions on data as it travels outside of the repository and is used within native applications such as Microsoft Office, Visio, and Adobe Acrobat. Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway provides a single point of policy management that allows administrators to define, assign, enforce and audit content policies using their Documentum management interface. Additionally, Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway supports secure collaboration, allowing users and groups to cooperate during the content development and editing process, while maintaining Documentum protection and auditing user actions. Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway also allows content user to work with protected content while offline without having to connect to a licensing server first. The Liquid Machines Documentum Gateway is available immediately. ,