ClearForest Corporation and Kapow Technologies announced a strategic partnership designed to broaden customers’ ability to access Web content for business intelligence applications. Under terms of the partnership, ClearForest and Kapow will jointly market solutions that leverage the Kapow Web Integration Platform to enable Clearforest’s text analytics platform to extract and analyze information from any Web source. Kapow’s Web Integration Platform uses a visual browser interface to automatically collect Web-based information, including Web pages, blog posts, text, documents, files, Web Services or other data. The Kapow Platform can also automate the cleansing of this data to isolate only relevant content by removing navigational elements, advertisements, and other irrelevant information. This can then be fed through the ClearForest text extraction engine to identify entities, facts, and events contained in the content. The combination of ClearForest and Kapow Technologies provides customers with the ability to collect unstructured information from external Web content and combine that with data from within the enterprise to supercharge business intelligence applications.,