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Day: February 13, 2005 (Page 1 of 2)

DPM introduces Intelledox

DPM introduced Intelledox, an enterprise platform with features that include rapid and accurate document creation, increasing productivity, and centralized template management. Intelledox Desktop, integrated with Microsoft Word, eliminates reliance on document macros and simplifies the construction and delivery of complex documents. Intelledox Web allows enterprises to access and create rich content documents accurately and consistently from any browser-based platform, without requiring a local word processor. Intelledox utilizes Active Directory integration, and audit features necessary for corporate compliance, including Sarbanes-Oxley. Organizations no longer need to develop templates with macros, reducing security and virus risks. Intelledox facilitates migration to new versions of Microsoft Word, without template version issues. Intelledox’s XML server based engine centralizes storage of all document structure. With graphical drag and drop, the intelligent wizard leads users through the construction of complex documents. Content and layout are then dynamically reassembled on demand creating up-to-date, accurate documents. IntelleDox is available as a web application or an add-in for desktop applications.

Onfolio & Feedster Bring Persistent Web Searching Capabilities into Onfolio 2.0

Feedster, Inc. announced that Onfolio has joined its Developer Network with the introduction of Onfolio 2.0. With Onfolio 2.0, users can create and monitor Feedster searches directly within Onfolio as part of the overall RSS reading and web information management capabilities of the product. The integration of Onfolio 2.0 and Feedster provides improved Internet researching capabilities to these audiences that track information in real time. Designed for business, professional and academic research, Onfolio 2.0 is a solution for reading RSS news feeds, collecting and organizing online content and publishing to email, weblogs and websites. Built into the browser, this tool speeds up the process of discovering relevant information quickly, organizing it for future use and sharing it with clients, colleagues, students, and others.

Gilbane Content Technology Works Program Publishes Case Study on HP’s Global Content Management

The Gilbane Report announced that their Content Technology Works program has published a case study on HP’s global digital content management initiatives to optimize the delivery of product content to global markets. The case study describes how HP has deployed a digital content management infrastructure in order to serve its global customer base, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. It outlines the content management business processes that connect HP content owners with content consumers in local languages that enable commerce. It details how HP uses rigorous and repeatable regionalization, translation, and localization practices to interact with its customers. Finally, it lays out the results that HP has achieved to date. The case study, like alll Content Technology Works case studies, is available at no,

Interwise Joins EMC Documentum’s ISV Alliance Program – Will Integrate Collaboration Products

Interwise announced that it has joined the EMC Documentum Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Alliance program and will integrate the two company’s live and asynchronous collaboration products. The ECP Connect for eRoom solution will provide integration between EMC Documentum eRoom’s collaborative workplaces and Interwise ECP Connect’s integrated web, video and voice conferencing solution to create a core communication and collaboration utility. This solution will offer unlimited live and asynchronous collaboration to the extended enterprise for a fixed price, and also will bring live ad hoc and scheduled collaboration to Enterprise Content Management solutions via EMC Documentum eRoom Enterprise. With ECP Connect for eRoom, customers will be able to add live web, video, and voice conferencing functionality to their Documentum eRoom solutions. ECP Connect for eRoom offers companies the opportunity to reduce their overall conferencing costs by leveraging advanced VoIP capabilities. ECP Connect for eRoom also supports Documentum eRoom Enterprise, providing customers the benefits of live collaboration integrated with the advanced enterprise content management capabilities of the EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management platform. The ECP Connect for eRoom solution will be available in the second quarter of 2005 through both the EMC Documentum and Interwise organizations.

Authentica Announces Enterprise Rights Management Platform

Authentica, Inc. introduced its Active Rights Management (ARM) platform, an integrated ERM solution that combines document and email protection in a single platform. Authentica’s ARM delivers a broad range of integration support, extending its benefits to enterprise compliance/archiving, content management and mobile email applications. Authentica’s ARM platform protects documents and email at rest, in transit and after distribution to recipients. Organizations can systematically identify, audit and continuously control protected content as it flows into and out of an enterprise. The Authentica ARM platform gives enterprises and government agencies a single, centralized solution for intellectual property protection (IP) and compliance adherence. The ARM platform has been designed to integrate with existing applications and infrastructures to ensure that sensitive information is protected without impacting existing enterprise workflow. Centralized policy and key management allows auditing and control of sensitive information, regardless of where it is distributed. Authentica’s Active Rights Management platform is available immediately. Pricing begins at $50,000.

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