NextPage released NextPage 1.5, a new subscription service that provides users with real-time status and notifications about all documents on which they collaborate. NextPage 1.5 doesn’t require IT infrastructure and works with e-mail and Microsoft Office. In addition, users can still work with non-subscribers, and the service automatically knows when a new document arrives that it is a version of the original. The service adds a “Digital Thread” of accuracy and control to document versions. The service also includes the NextPage Version History, which provides a graphical reporting tool, telling users what has happened to every tracked document. NextPage 1.5 also attaches a Document Signature to any e-mail with an attached NextPage-tracked document, providing detailed information about the document version. With that signature, recipients can click on a link to perform a NextPage Version Check to see if the document they received is still the latest version. The Version Check takes users to a Web page that displays whether or not the document is the latest version. NextPage 1.5 tracks Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and runs on Windows. NextPage 1.5 is available for purchase and a free trial version is available.