Authentica, Inc. introduced its Active Rights Management (ARM) platform, an integrated ERM solution that combines document and email protection in a single platform. Authentica’s ARM delivers a broad range of integration support, extending its benefits to enterprise compliance/archiving, content management and mobile email applications. Authentica’s ARM platform protects documents and email at rest, in transit and after distribution to recipients. Organizations can systematically identify, audit and continuously control protected content as it flows into and out of an enterprise. The Authentica ARM platform gives enterprises and government agencies a single, centralized solution for intellectual property protection (IP) and compliance adherence. The ARM platform has been designed to integrate with existing applications and infrastructures to ensure that sensitive information is protected without impacting existing enterprise workflow. Centralized policy and key management allows auditing and control of sensitive information, regardless of where it is distributed. Authentica’s Active Rights Management platform is available immediately. Pricing begins at $50,000.