HSS, Inc. introduced ECM Pro, an enterprise content management (ECM) system that helps healthcare information technology vendors and providers by enabling them to depend on one current source for managing the complexities of code-based reimbursement. ECM Pro, through its “Knowledge-Server” architecture, manages both structured (code lists, classification systems, edit rules, pricing algorithms) and unstructured (program memoranda, industry research) content. ECM Pro’s Knowledge-Servers are based on Web Services technology, so regulatory content can easily be published where and when users need it. For example, Medicare’s frequent updates are cascaded automatically to both local and remote users in a timely manner. Rapid access is provided to all of the information necessary to effectively manage code-based data collection, editing and reimbursement including CPT-4, ICD-9-CM, DRGs, APCs and more. ECM Pro is designed to be either embedded into the advanced technology solutions of healthcare IT vendors, or integrated into the information systems healthcare providers already have in place. ECM Pro’s Knowledge-Servers can be used by multiple software applications from different vendors within the same enterprise. www.hssweb.com