DPM introduced Intelledox, an enterprise platform with features that include rapid and accurate document creation, increasing productivity, and centralized template management. Intelledox Desktop, integrated with Microsoft Word, eliminates reliance on document macros and simplifies the construction and delivery of complex documents. Intelledox Web allows enterprises to access and create rich content documents accurately and consistently from any browser-based platform, without requiring a local word processor. Intelledox utilizes Active Directory integration, and audit features necessary for corporate compliance, including Sarbanes-Oxley. Organizations no longer need to develop templates with macros, reducing security and virus risks. Intelledox facilitates migration to new versions of Microsoft Word, without template version issues. Intelledox’s XML server based engine centralizes storage of all document structure. With graphical drag and drop, the intelligent wizard leads users through the construction of complex documents. Content and layout are then dynamically reassembled on demand creating up-to-date, accurate documents. IntelleDox is available as a web application or an add-in for desktop applications. www.intelledox.com