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Kryos Releases Version 3.1 of TitanWEB

Kryos Systems (Kryos) announced the release of version 3.1 of TitanWEB, the company’s content management software based on IBM’s Lotus Domino and WebSphere Portal Express Plus. Version 3.1 includes new functionality that maximizes its use in conjunction with IBM WebSphere Portal Express. Two of the portlets are used for viewing TitanWEB content. These portlets read an RSS XML news-feed from TitanWEB and are configurable by portal users or administrators. As content is published to TitanWEB it is automatically shown inside the Portal. The third portlet is used for searching TitanWEB content through the Portal. The forth portlet, called Quick Text, allows users to easily show specific content pages from your TitanWEB content repository. Kryos is offering a 50% discount off list pricing for a packaged solution for new corporate customers that includes IBM & Kryos bundled software, services and solutions for $24,999 Cdn ($21,000 USD).

CrownPeak Unveils CrownPeak Search

CrownPeak unveiled CrownPeak Search, an on-demand web site search system to automatically learn from both the behavior and content on customer’s web sites and automatically deliver the most relevant search results. Two years in development, CrownPeak Search monitors every search request and every user interaction to learn and improve over time, adapting future searches to ensure fast, relevant results. It is built specifically to add value to web content, helping organizations enhance the site search experience for site visitors. Like the company’s CrownPeak CMS content management solution, CrownPeak Search is offered as “software-as-a-service,” so there is no hardware to buy, no packaged software to install, and no changes needed to existing environments. CrownPeak customers get a dedicated account manager who works with them every quarter to perform a “tune-up” on the search system. This tune-up process is included in CrownPeak’s standard monthly software fees. CrownPeak Search customers have as much control over their own content as they choose, while machine learning capabilities minimize administrative demands by automatically making necessary adjustments based on semantic analysis and various learning techniques. CrownPeak Search begins to re-prioritize results based on how new the content is, what search queries are performed, how popular the content is, and what types of content visitors select from results. CrownPeak is offering an implementation guarantee with CrownPeak Search. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the system, CrownPeak will modify it until satisfaction is achieved.

Davisor Introduces Webisor 1.0

Davisor introduced Webisor 1.0 for converting dynamic HTML into PDF. Webisor 1.0 is a tool for creating PDFs and printouts, such as invoices, order confirmations, personalized offers and marketing materials, reports, and forms pre-filled with information from databases. With Webisor 1.0, companies create personalized materials from any HTML-based applications quickly. Webisor 1.0 is the latest addition to the Davisor Offisor product family of Java- and XML-based products, and contains an HTML parser that converts even non-standard HTML into correctly sized PDF. Webisor 1.0 does not require any changes to be made to the existing dynamic web application in order to produce the PDFs. And as Webisor runs on the company’s server, the end-users need no other software than a browser and a free Adobe Reader plug-in. Webisor 1.0 creates PDFs, which look exactly like the original HTML page or it can be easily customized to publish the PDFs using a standard corporate layout. This way you can e.g. define consistent headers and footers on every page, regardless of what the original HTML pages looked like. With Webisor 1.0, companies can make full use of their various HTML content and applications to produce personalized materials on the fly, and integrate information from databases. Davisor Webisor 1.0 is available today, with pricing starting from USD $5,265. Webisor can be licensed both for in-house and for OEM use.

FAST Announces OEM Agreement With ClearStory Systems

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced an OEM partnership with ClearStory Systems. As part of this agreement, FAST InStream, an OEM enterprise search solution developed specifically for independent software vendors (ISVs), will be integrated with ClearStory’s Radiant Content Suite. The integration of FAST InStream with ClearStory’s Radiant Content Suite will enable enterprise-scale search capabilities – enhancing the value of ClearStory’s platform for integrating rich media and business documents into a multitude of business-critical environments. By integrating FAST InStream with ClearStory’s suite of solutions, companies can enjoy full text indexing and search capability across repositories. Radiant MailManager, ClearStory’s e-mail active archiving solution, is scheduled for release in December 2004. FAST InStream is an integral component of the product, providing search capability with training-based analytics to ensure accurate policy management and review of enterprise e-mail, based on both message and attachment content.,

Context Media Joins IBM ISV Advantage for SMB Initiative

Context Media, Inc. has joined IBM’s ISV Advantage Initiative, a program designed to provide independent software vendors (ISVs) with technical and marketing support to help meet the information technology needs of the small and medium business (SMB) market. As part of the agreement, Context Media’s Interchange Suite for content integration has integrated with IBM’s Content Manager Portfolio to allow SMB customers to more quickly and easily access digital content stored throughout their networks. Context Media’s Interchange Suite software is built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) model, enabling SMB organizations to integrate multiple content repositories to improve the creation, sharing and distribution of content between customers, prospects and partners. Combined with IBM’s WebSphere and Content Manager Portfolio, the solution provides organizations with the ability to fully exploit the value of content in order to greatly improve efficiencies and expand revenue streams. Context Media will also work closely with IBM to expand its visibility in target vertical industries through various co-marketing and sales activities.

Infostoria Launches Infostoria Content Integrator Beta Program

Infostoria Inc. launched the Infostoria Content Integrator beta program. Infostoria Content Integrator is a service-oriented content integration and management solution that helps enterprises take control of business critical content regardless of where it is stored. The system provides a single point of access to documents, reports, presentations, marketing materials, images, video and other types of digital content stored in a long list of content management systems and business applications. Content can be stored on departmental servers, mainframe computers, or individual employee desktops. Infostoria Inc. offers a content integration solution built natively on the principles of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services. Individual digital assets are wrapped in XML and mapped to Web services that can be accessed from business applications, enterprise portals, or business processes running on many different platforms. Enterprise content stored in distributed and disparate content repositories is automatically indexed and registered in the Infostoria content directory where it can be discovered by applications. Once content is discovered, it is accessed directly through Infostoria content integration agents. The agents are also responsible for maintaining the content directory in synch with the distributed content repositories. Customers interested in joining the Infostoria Content Integrator beta program are encouraged to do so by filling out a form on the company Web site at

Infodata Becomes IBM Business Partner

Infodata Systems Inc. announced it has partnered with IBM as both a technology partner and an ECM solutions provider. Activation as a business partner will enable Infodata to expand joint sales and marketing efforts with IBM to target customers who need to deploy ECM technologies that enable regulatory compliance. Infodata delivers proprietary middleware applications, by means of a Content Management Services Layer (CMSL), that is integrated with IBM compliance offerings. The combined solutions are designed to reduce the complexity of bringing content together with its associated critical business processes and result in fostering compliance and securing the management of content across its lifecycle.

Vignette, Sun, & DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz Partner

Vignette Corp., Sun Microsystems, and DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz (DCCG) GmbH, a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, announced a collaboration to provide smart enterprise services that deliver complete information lifecycle management applications, infrastructure and services. Organizations – from multinational enterprises to small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – will be able to utilize facilities at DaimlerChrysler Consult’s earthDATAsafe center for organizational security in Austria to design, evaluate and optimize proof-of-concept ECM solutions consisting of Vignette content management and portal software based on an infrastructure of Sun’s Solaris OS based systems, storage and software products. This facility can be used remotely or through on-site visits and will be based on Sun’s iForce Solution Center program. The alliance will focus initially on serving customers in Central Europe, with a view to leverage expertise from the partner consortium to expand the offering worldwide.,,

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