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Autonomy Launches Idol Enterprise Desktop Search with Active Folders

Autonomy Corporation plc announced the launch of IDOL Enterprise Desktop Search with Active Folders. IDOL Enterprise Desktop Search delivers Autonomy’s IDOL technology to the corporate desktop by bringing together a wide variety of information ranging from office documents, email, websites, news and multimedia content from multiple locations including corporate networks, the web, the desktop and local data sources. IDOL Enterprise Desktop Search is an integrated tool that uses implicit query, working proactively with users on the corporate desktop to understand the information they require and bring it to them at the right time and in the right context. Using contextual matching, Active Folders understand the themes within any set of data and then automatically populate the folder with related information, regardless of its storage location, as soon as it becomes available in order to keep users right up to date. User flexibility allows users to create Active Folders implicitly or explicitly either by clicking on a document they are currently viewing or assigning keywords or phrases. Active folders allow users the facility to view and interact with corporate information offline. Security features including advanced authentication procedures which enable an administrator to disable a remote Active Folder if authentication is not received, (for example, in the case of a stolen or lost laptop), and SSL encryption are employed in order to safeguard all corporate assets.

Gilbane Report Announces a Content Technology Works Webinar – HP’s Content Globalization

Join the Gilbane Report’s Mary Laplante and Alison Toon from Hewlett-Packard Company in a webinar on content globalization on Thursday, December 9, 1:00 pm EST. Learn how HP populates its global websites with product content in 26 languages with a centralized enterprise globalization architecture that reduces costs, increases revenues, improves customer satisfaction, and enhances HP’s brand value. Sponsored by TRADOS.

Entrust Announces Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit

Entrust, Inc. announced the Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit designed to automatically sort and categorize large volumes of data for compliance and content management applications through artificial intelligence content analysis technology. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit helps developers integrate contextual analysis capabilities such as auto-categorization or summarization into a wide variety of applications. Exposing a high-level set of APIs, the toolkit can help enable integration within C++ or Java environments. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit combines Auto-Categorization, Summarization, and Search. Filters analyze content and match it to a pre-defined library of concept patterns. Entrust can provide filters as a set of policy modules or concept libraries, or they can be customized with a policy editor. The editor supports the development of relational and hierarchical concept definitions with customized thresholds. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit leverages the same technology found at the core of the Entrust Entelligence Compliance Server, the Linux-based appliance designed to automatically scan incoming and outgoing e-mail for compliance with government or corporate regulations. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit is now commercially available.

Gilbane Content Technology Works Program Publishes 2 New Case Studies

The Gilbane Report’s Content Technology Works (CTW) Program announced it has published two new case studies. Senior Analyst Mark Walter investigates Wachovia’s enterprise information integration (EII) implementation where Wachovia provides seamless access to multiple document stores through enterprise-level content integration service in “Wachovia’s CAS: Harnessing the Value of Multiple Content Repositories Across a Large Enterprise”. And Senior analyst Bill Zoellick looks at how MIT’ Technology Review’s online publishing operation uses an on-demand content management system to reduce costs while simplifying editorial workflow and increasing advertising revenues in “Technology Review: Moving into the Black with On-Demand Content Management”. As with all CTW content, these case studies are made available to the public at no charge as a service to the content technology community. Partners in the Content Technology Works program include: Software AG (TECdax:SOW), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), Artesia Technologies (Open Text – NASDAQ:OTEX), Atomz, ClearStory Systems (OTCBB:INCC), Context Media, Convera (NASDAQ:CNVR), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Trados, Vasont Systems, and Vignette (NASDAQ:VIGN). CTW case studies in both HTML and PDF are available at

Astoria Announces Astoria Version 4.3

Astoria Software announced Astoria Version 4.3, a major upgrade which enhances XML authoring for distributed workgroups. With Astoria Version 4.3, complex XML documents can be securely authored by access through the Internet. Authors using Arbortext Enterprise Publishing Software version 5.1 now get secure, remote access to the Astoria Structured Document Management Server via a new Bridge developed by Astoria Software. This new Bridge provides full access to all of Astoria application capabilities. Expanded with Astoria Version 4.3 is support for advanced differencing to automate content updates from third party sources. Documentation managers that must integrate updates can now automate the “stare and compare” process to identify content, structure and attribute changes. Astoria Conflict Resolution automates the acceptance of these changes. Incoming updates that conflict with existing content are routed via email to authors for easy point and click resolution. Astoria Filtered Publishing provides the ability to embed product configurations (effectivity) within documents then filter based on configuration-specific information or ranges when creating an Astoria Edition. Astoria Version 4.3 incorporates enhanced searching with improved searching of international Unicode symbols and characters as well as support of additional languages. The release incorporates Verity K2 technology to manage all full text search capabilities. All Astoria server applications are now certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

GlobalSCAPE Introduces Solution for Securing Electronic Data Exchange Processes

GlobalSCAPE announced the release of its new Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) solution. GlobalSCAPE’s EFT solution is an enterprise software application that manages critical online data exchange processes in order to protect company information assets from loss, theft or misuse. GlobalSCAPE’s Enhanced File Transfer solution provides security, provisioning and management capabilities required by most organizations. It ensures that encrypted transactions occur only between designated entities and that data integrity and confidentiality are preserved from transport to storage on disk. GlobalSCAPE’s EFT solution integrates quickly into existing infrastructure and business processes.

XTech 2005, Gilbane Conference to Co-locate in Amsterdam

XTech 2005, Gilbane Conference to Co-locate in Amsterdam 24-27 May

Joy Blake Scott
Longleaf Public Relations
Jeffrey Arcuri
Lighthouse Seminars

Washington DC, and Cambridge, MA, November 17, 2004. IDEAlliance, a leading trade association dedicated to fostering information technology standards, today announced that XTech 2005 (formerly XML Europe) will be held in conjunction with the Gilbane Conference on Content Management. Both conferences will take place 24-27 May, 2005, at the Amsterdam RAI Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

XTech 2005 is the premier European conference for developers and managers working with XML and Web technologies, bringing together the worlds of Web development, open source, semantic Web, and open standards. Marion L. Elledge, Vice President of Information Technology Alliances and Conferences, IDEAlliance, says that co-locating the event with the Gilbane Conference will provide a broader experience for attendees of both conferences.

“We are very excited to have the Gilbane Conference take place in conjunction with XTech 2005,” says Elledge. “The in-depth content expertise presented at Gilbane events is a perfect complement to our event and will enrich the educational experience of all attendees.”

The Gilbane conference series brings thought leaders and practitioners from the analyst, consultant, integrator, vendor, and enterprise communities together to chart the course of the content technology markets, and provide advice, techniques, best practices, and “Content Technology Works™” case studies to help organizations understand and successfully implement the content technologies most critical to their businesses.

“Coordinating our European event with XTech 2005 will offer attendees of both conferences the opportunity to learn from – and network with – the broad XML, Web development, and content management communities, including vendors, analysts, and industry press,” says Frank Gilbane, Conference Chair.

For more information, visit or

About Bluebill Advisors, The Gilbane Report 
Bluebill Advisors, Inc. serves the content management community with publications, conferences and consulting services. The Gilbane Report administers the Content Technology Works™ program disseminating best practices with partners Software AG (TECdax:SOW), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), Artesia Technologies (Open Text – NASDAQ:OTEX), Atomz, ClearStory Systems ( OTCBB:INCC) , Context Media, Convera (NASDAQ:CNVR), IBM (NYSE:IBM ), Trados, Vasont, and Vignette (NASDAQ:VIGN).

About Lighthouse Seminars 
Lighthouse Seminars’ events cover information technologies and “content technologies” in particular. These include content management of all types, digital asset management, document management, web content management, enterprise portals, enterprise search, web and multi-channel publishing, electronic forms, authoring, content and information integration, information architecture, and e-catalogs.

About IDEAlliance
IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a not-for-profit membership organization. Its mission is to advance user-driven, cross-industry solutions for all publishing and content-related processes by developing standards, fostering business alliances, and identifying best practices. Founded in 1966 as the Graphic Communications Association, IDEAlliance has been a leader in information technology – developing Document Markup Metalanguage (GENCODE), sponsoring the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), and fostering eXtensible Markup Language (XML). IDEAlliance builds on these languages to create specifications that enhance efficiency and speed information in all aspects of publishing and content-related processes. Learn more about IDEAlliance at


Blast Radius & IXIASOFT Team to Deliver DITA-based Solution

Blast Radius and IXIASOFT have partnered in creating a content lifecycle solution that integrates their products and the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard. DITA, introduced by IBM, is an XML-based architecture for authoring, producing and delivering technical information. TEXTML Server’s native XML support enables management of XML content and advanced searching capabilities, and XMetaL’s XML authoring tool allows administrators to manage different interfaces for each product and to deliver content to multiple outputs.,

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