Astoria Software announced Astoria Version 4.3, a major upgrade which enhances XML authoring for distributed workgroups. With Astoria Version 4.3, complex XML documents can be securely authored by access through the Internet. Authors using Arbortext Enterprise Publishing Software version 5.1 now get secure, remote access to the Astoria Structured Document Management Server via a new Bridge developed by Astoria Software. This new Bridge provides full access to all of Astoria application capabilities. Expanded with Astoria Version 4.3 is support for advanced differencing to automate content updates from third party sources. Documentation managers that must integrate updates can now automate the “stare and compare” process to identify content, structure and attribute changes. Astoria Conflict Resolution automates the acceptance of these changes. Incoming updates that conflict with existing content are routed via email to authors for easy point and click resolution. Astoria Filtered Publishing provides the ability to embed product configurations (effectivity) within documents then filter based on configuration-specific information or ranges when creating an Astoria Edition. Astoria Version 4.3 incorporates enhanced searching with improved searching of international Unicode symbols and characters as well as support of additional languages. The release incorporates Verity K2 technology to manage all full text search capabilities. All Astoria server applications are now certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2003.