Davisor introduced Webisor 1.0 for converting dynamic HTML into PDF. Webisor 1.0 is a tool for creating PDFs and printouts, such as invoices, order confirmations, personalized offers and marketing materials, reports, and forms pre-filled with information from databases. With Webisor 1.0, companies create personalized materials from any HTML-based applications quickly. Webisor 1.0 is the latest addition to the Davisor Offisor product family of Java- and XML-based products, and contains an HTML parser that converts even non-standard HTML into correctly sized PDF. Webisor 1.0 does not require any changes to be made to the existing dynamic web application in order to produce the PDFs. And as Webisor runs on the company’s server, the end-users need no other software than a browser and a free Adobe Reader plug-in. Webisor 1.0 creates PDFs, which look exactly like the original HTML page or it can be easily customized to publish the PDFs using a standard corporate layout. This way you can e.g. define consistent headers and footers on every page, regardless of what the original HTML pages looked like. With Webisor 1.0, companies can make full use of their various HTML content and applications to produce personalized materials on the fly, and integrate information from databases. Davisor Webisor 1.0 is available today, with pricing starting from USD $5,265. Webisor can be licensed both for in-house and for OEM use. www.davisor.com/webisor/index.html