CrownPeak unveiled CrownPeak Search, an on-demand web site search system to automatically learn from both the behavior and content on customer’s web sites and automatically deliver the most relevant search results. Two years in development, CrownPeak Search monitors every search request and every user interaction to learn and improve over time, adapting future searches to ensure fast, relevant results. It is built specifically to add value to web content, helping organizations enhance the site search experience for site visitors. Like the company’s CrownPeak CMS content management solution, CrownPeak Search is offered as “software-as-a-service,” so there is no hardware to buy, no packaged software to install, and no changes needed to existing environments. CrownPeak customers get a dedicated account manager who works with them every quarter to perform a “tune-up” on the search system. This tune-up process is included in CrownPeak’s standard monthly software fees. CrownPeak Search customers have as much control over their own content as they choose, while machine learning capabilities minimize administrative demands by automatically making necessary adjustments based on semantic analysis and various learning techniques. CrownPeak Search begins to re-prioritize results based on how new the content is, what search queries are performed, how popular the content is, and what types of content visitors select from results. CrownPeak is offering an implementation guarantee with CrownPeak Search. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the system, CrownPeak will modify it until satisfaction is achieved.