Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced an OEM partnership with ClearStory Systems. As part of this agreement, FAST InStream, an OEM enterprise search solution developed specifically for independent software vendors (ISVs), will be integrated with ClearStory’s Radiant Content Suite. The integration of FAST InStream with ClearStory’s Radiant Content Suite will enable enterprise-scale search capabilities – enhancing the value of ClearStory’s platform for integrating rich media and business documents into a multitude of business-critical environments. By integrating FAST InStream with ClearStory’s suite of solutions, companies can enjoy full text indexing and search capability across repositories. Radiant MailManager, ClearStory’s e-mail active archiving solution, is scheduled for release in December 2004. FAST InStream is an integral component of the product, providing search capability with training-based analytics to ensure accurate policy management and review of enterprise e-mail, based on both message and attachment content.,