Vivisimo announced the upcoming Release 4.0 of its Clustering Engine, which organizes internet or intranet search results on the fly into meaningful folders. The Clustering Engine now integrates a fully compliant XSLT processor, allowing administrators to customize the end-user interface. Corporate information managers can customize the installation by adding company or industry-specific knowledge such as synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations, spelling variants and type-of relations as XML declarations or via a web-based interface. Or they can select Vivisimo’s built-in knowledge bases for news, science, government, medicine, and others. Using XSLT, regular expressions, and an enhanced conversion framework, the Vivisimo Clustering Engine can extract meta-data and convert any type of data sources to XML. New versions of Vivisimo’s Content Integrator, Enterprise Publisher and Software Development Kit are included in Release 4.0. Customers and OEMs now get an integrated solution that solves the twin challenges of organizing information and providing a single entry point to multiple information sources.