Atomz announced that it has added a series of new features and functionality to its Web-native software. Nearly a dozen new enhancements work together to improve the ease-of-use, security, customization and reliability of its suite of products. Context menus of the content management solution’s Rich Text Editor now allow users to right-click their mouse to Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Select All. Administrators using Atomz Publish now have a greater ability to control the exact format of automatically generated file names. Web teams working on collaborative projects will benefit from the upgraded WebDAV support for Macromedia Dreamweaver. Search Restrictions is a new feature in Atomz Search that is useful for Web sites that wish to limit the viewing of search result content in some manner. Atomz Promote now enables multiple site search promotions to be rotated across a particular keyword or key phrase. Search Personalization has been added to Atomz Search. Atomz Promote can now be utilized in conjunction with the categorization feature of Atomz Search.