Altova Inc. announced the availability of the new Altova 2004 XML development tools product line, designed to meet the needs of building advanced XML and Web services applications. The new Altova 2004 product line consists of updates to existing products, XMLSPY 2004, AUTHENTIC 2004, and STYLEVISION 2004, and introduces a new product, MAPFORCE 2004. MAPFORCE 2004 is a visual data integration tool, which auto-generates custom data mapping code in multiple output languages such as XSLT and Java, to enable programmatic XML-to-XML or database-to-XML data transformations. Altova’s new MAPFORCE 2004 provides a 2-step XML-based approach to enterprise data integration. Using MAPFORCE 2004, data architects can programmatically convert data into XML from any database by drawing visual mappings from relational databases to any data model expressed in XML schema. MAPFORCE 2004 will then auto-generate the software program code required to programmatically marshal data from the source database to the target XML schema. Next, data can be transformed from one XML format to another, by visually drawing mappings between different XML schema data models. MAPFORCE 2004 is available for a free 30-day trial download or purchase for $499 for a single user license.