Verity Inc. announced the availability of release 5.0 of its Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) software. The latest version includes features and functions designed to better allow enterprises to create or expand intellectual capital management systems that match their global scale and scope. Verity K2E 5.0’s new multi-domain feature lets users from multiple organizations conduct authorized searches in each other’s content repositories. Connections between different K2E-based intellectual management systems can now be achieved with full security, presenting the knowledge bases of numerous repositories via a single access point. A more powerful recommendation engine now suggests individual documents, similar users’ queries, categories of documents as well as experts, communities of interest and other user-defined elements. When deployed with the Verity Federator, this extended social networking engine enables recommendation of documents even if they are beyond the content indexed by Verity K2E. Users can now create and share their own taxonomies, participate actively in the enhancement of their organizations’ taxonomies, and have the engine to automatically analyze and recommend related categories. K2E supports document-level security based on integration with identity management and single sign-on solutions from IBM, Netegrity, Oblix and RSA Security.