Plumtree Software announced the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite, a solution for building a volume of Web applications on a variety of infrastructures, managed within a single environment. The Enterprise Web Suite is based on new versions of every major Plumtree product: the Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.0, Plumtree Search, Plumtree Collaboration Server 3.0 and Plumtree Content Server 5.0. The suite also features a new product, the Plumtree Enterprise Web Development Kit (EDK), for creating applications from Web services running on different platforms. A new version of Plumtree Studio Server, for building database-driven forms and services in the Enterprise Web without coding, is anticipated to be available in the summer. Plumtree has scaled its portal to act as an enterprise-wide framework for building, managing and using a large number of these applications. The Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite is now available in a beta release, and is expected to be generally available later this quarter.