Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) unveiled FAST Data Search 3.2, an advanced version of its real-time search solution that is designed for organizations seeking either departmental or enterprise wide solutions. Offered as FAST Data Search Professional, FAST Data Search Enterprise, and FAST Data Search SST, the FAST Data Search product line now includes Live Analytics, which enables “on-the-fly” data and information analysis with a dynamic drill-down capability, where end users can tap the specific information they need based on the actual data in the result set, rather than pre-defined binning of the data. Also now included is the Business Manager’s Control Panel, so business managers can tune the search attributes of the data source. Additional enhancements include improvements to the combination of structured and unstructured data capabilities, automatic document categorization, dynamic result clustering, and similarity based results analysis. Advanced linguistics support for Japanese was added, and automatic language detection was increased to support 54 languages. FAST Data Search also now includes enhanced security features and supports HP-UX and Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, in addition to IBM AIX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, and Windows 2000/XP.