Advent Publishing Systems announced a new and substantially enhanced version of its 3B2 software, Version 8, at XML Europe on May 5th 2003. Version 8 of 3B2 implements a range of XML-related international standards including XSL-FO, XPath, XSLT, and SVG. Additional features in Version 8 of Advent 3B2 software include: page building on the fly wherein content can determine page layout, more consistent 3B2 programming commands, a new de-bugging tool that streamlines the development and debugging of templates and formats, a new format profiler for producing job statistics on the processing speed of a job, font quick tables to make fonts more accessible, new and improved CALS libraries for for use with SGML and XML, entity libraries to support ISO standard entity sets, and an improved and enhanced user interface. Version 8 will be available for customer shipment beginning Monday 5th May 2003.