Dralasoft announced that Xerox Corporation has licensed Dralasoft Workflow for inclusion into DocuShare, Xeroxs Web-based document and content management software. By embedding Dralasoft Workflow engine into DocuShare, Xerox can help its DocuShare customers route documents more efficiently across their enterprises through workflows built with modeling tools that automate and map customer business processes. As a document repository, DocuShare keeps critical information safe, yet easy to access. Users can store any file type, including office documents, images, media files and graphics. As a content management system, it updates and manages the content of a Web site. As a collaborative project management system, it enables users to organize, manage and share all of a projects information. Its Java-based DocuShare platform will enable third parties to develop custom workflow applications through Dralasoft Workflow. DocuShare runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris systems. Dralasoft products provide the capability to integrate workflow technology into Java-based systems using Java, XML, SOAP, LDAP, HTTP and JDBC. www.dralasoft.com, http://docushare.xerox.com