Convera announced that it has certified ten partners as part of its new Taxonomy Developer Certification Program. Under the program, Convera trains and certifies IT and knowledge management professionals in the development and deployment of custom taxonomies and classifications using Converas new RetrievalWare Categorization and Dynamic Classification product. Participants who completed the five-day certification program include Access Innovations, Advanced Technology Systems (ATS), Bleuphish, Creative Technology Inc., IBM Italia, KAPS Group LLC, Mitre, MZM Inc., SRA International Inc., and Veridian Engineering. Certified Taxonomy Developers will serve as consultants and service providers to assist Convera customers in understanding their information management needs, organizing their information in a way that best serves their objectives, and developing well-tuned taxonomies for use with Convera software. Certified Taxonomy Developers also will have the opportunity to market cartridges that they have developed within the Convera customer base as pre-built taxonomies.