Mondosoft announced that the latest release of its site search and reporting solution, MondoSearch 5.0, now supports Microsoft’s .NET technology. MondoSearch 5.0 enables quick and easy access to relevant data across all Web environments using the latest .NET technology for sophisticated Web managers and users. In addition to support for .NET, MondoSearch 5.0 moves beyond traditional enterprise search by providing a suite of complementary tools to manage the content lifecycle including collection and analysis; enhancement and improvement; production and management and content delivery. BehaviorTracking is a complete reporting and analysis tool that provides insights into the search activity and user behavior on a web site. BehaviorTracking collects information about users’ search queries, product requests, IP numbers and domain names, about their search success, chosen links and more. The InformationManager provides a set of tools that make it easy for site owners to improve content, adjust relevancy and customize data for greater search success and site usability.