Atomz announced enhancements to its enterprise Web content management solution, Atomz Publish, and Web site search application, Atomz Search. Atomz Search can now crawl and index Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel file formats. Visitors at Web sites that use Atomz Search will be able to see and directly access Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents from within the search results. In addition, Atomz Search customers can utilize the Metadata Management Interface to associate metadata with Microsoft Office documents and control the positioning of these documents within the search results. Search now provides support for Korean language searching, including a dictionary and full character set encodings. Search customers can now create scripts that modify content between when it is crawled and when it is indexed. Atomz added tags that allow Atomz Publish customers to incorporate non-HTML content such as JavaScript, PHP and ASP code; to define values (including text, HTML or nested Atomz Publish tags) which may be reused anywhere on templated pages; and to display content conditionally depending on the mode Atomz Publish is in: Edit, Preview or Publish. Atomz Publish can now upload multiple files into the system at a time.