Inktomi Corp. announced information retrieval technology for software developers and systems integrators that will provide advanced search functionality within enterprise applications. Built with native XML support, Inktomi Search Toolkit is an OEM solution for extracting relevant data from structured, unstructured and semi-structured content. This new OEM offering will deliver enhanced information retrieval within content-rich applications such as content management, enterprise portal, CRM and commerce solutions. Inktomi Search Toolkit provides the unstructured search functionality of a keyword search engine, such as relevance ranking, natural language search and filtering for various file formats. Additionally, it delivers XQuery-based structured query capabilities that allow sophisticated retrieval functions such as parametric searching and retrieval of content based on a document’s structure. Inktomi Search Toolkit returns results that include references to documents as well as the actual documents or fragments of those documents that contain the precise information requested. Inktomi Search Toolkit is available now.