Citrix Systems, Inc. announced that Citrix MetaFrame XP application serving software has been certified for use with enterprise content management software from Documentum. Both companies participated in the testing process, involving the certification of the Documentum 4i Desktop Client running on Citrix MetaFrame XPe. Customers deploying Documentum Desktop Client via MetaFrame XP can upgrade, manage and support the application centrally, reducing the overall total cost of ownership. Deployed through MetaFrame XP, the Documentum Desktop Client is accessible through a wide range of devices utilizing the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) client. Customers can also access the Documentum Desktop Client from any standard Web browser using Citrix NFuse Classic, a member of the company’s new access portal product family. NFuse Classic provides secure Web access to any Windows, UNIX or Java application running on MetaFrame without any code rewrites.