Convera announced that IBM is offering Convera’s RetrievalWare as the search and retrieval technology for its Network Interactive Content Access (NICA) publishing industry solution. NICA is an end-to-end digital asset management pre-press solution that provides newspaper and magazine publishers the ability to manage, archive, retrieve and reuse publishing data such as text, images, graphics and PDFs while offering integration with their production workflows, editorial creation front-end systems and industry specific business practices. NICA also provides the workflow management that allows the repurposing of publishing content either from its own repository or from an external enterprise content management repository. Convera also announced that it is creating an extension to the IBM WebSphere Portal that will enable IBM customers to integrate RetrievalWare into their portal deployments.
This implementation gives IBM portal customers the capability to retrieve all data types (text, video, images, audio) through the IBM portal interface.