Stellent, Inc. announced the release of its portal applications, or “portlets,” for the BEA WebLogic Portal, a platform that simplifies and customizes access to information, applications and business processes by providing portal foundation services, personalization and interaction management, intelligent administration and integration services. Stellent’s portlets enable businesses to deploy content-rich enterprise portals and give users access to content as well as a wide range of Stellent Content Management features from the BEA portal platform. Stellent offers five portlets for the WebLogic portal interface: Content Portlet offers users direct access to business content that has been defined by the portal developer; Contribution Portlet enables users to submit content created in native applications for automatic publishing to the portal; Search Portlet enables users to find content using metadata or full text searches; Personal Searches Portlet provides users easy access to searches previously executed via the search portlet; workflow Inbox Portlet provides users direct access to their workflow inboxes for the review and approval of content.