Easypress Technologies announced the release of Atomik 3.0, the latest version of its QuarkXPress-to-XML software. Atomik 3.0 adds a range of new features that facilitate fast, efficient and intelligent cross-media publishing. For the
first time, Atomik 3.0 is also available as a developer edition. The centrepiece of the new version of Atomik is it’s handling of character-level content in QuarkXPress. Whereas previous versions identified and extracted content into XML at a paragraph level, Atomik 3.0 now enables content to be identified at both a paragraph and character level. Character-level content, such as an email address, telephone number or person’s name within a paragraph, can easily be extracted into separate XML tags. Atomik 3.0 is available direct from Easypress Technologies and Atomik resellers and system integrators worldwide. The suggested retail price for Atomik 3.0 is