eGrail, Inc. announced eGrail Enterprise Content Server 4.0. eGrail is offering a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee, designed to ensure a solid, long-term relationship between eGrail and its customers. eGrail Enterprise Content Server 4.0 enables multiple business users to easily update and change a global corporate Web site in minutes. eGrail Enterprise Content Server 4.0 includes a major enhancement — Web- based, customizable workflow — that simplifies the processes for creating, assigning, monitoring and completing content-creation tasks. The workflow module minimizes the risk of site error and ensures appropriate review before updates or modifications are published, both critical when maintaining the integrity of a Web site. Additional features include a J2EE Software Developers Kit that enables complete interoperability with application servers and external applications for eCommerce, portals, calendaring, personalization and advanced search functionality; an object wizard for creating and defining objects; and an import/export utility that enables the transport of site elements using an XML file format.