Vality Technology Inc. introduced Vality Catalist for product catalog content management. Vality Catalist provides fully automated processes for constructing large online product catalogs in a fraction of the time typically required. Vality Catalist complements Vality Beacon search functionality to make it easy for online shoppers to find the exact products they are searching for on the first try. Cap Gemini Ernst and Young contributed to the development of Vality Catalist by helping to define requirements and enhance the solutions that it can provide to its joint customers with Vality. Vality Catalist provides a single solution that normalizes, categorizes, and consolidates diverse product data to create a consistent catalog. It performs this process in bulk mode to automatically load the initial catalog – and in change mode to facilitate review. These processes result in product information with an improved organization and appearance that is easier for customers to understand and successfully search. Vality Catalist’s sophisticated, automated processes excel in producing consistent catalogs from a large number of diverse data sources quickly.