Software AG, Inc. has entered into an independent software vendor agreement with Percussion Software under which the companies will integrate Software AG’s Tamino native XML database with Percussion’s Rhythmyx Content Manager. Designed for companies building mission-critical e-businesses, the product combination provides an ideal tool for quickly establishing a solid Web presence based on XML, assembling content from various sources and storing XML data natively for rapid retrieval. Rhythmyx Content Manager is a native XML content management system that helps companies automate the content they publish to their Web sites. Software AG’s Tamino is a native XML database that stores, retrieves and directly manages nearly any information or Internet object, from XML documents, audio and video to still pictures and HTML pages. Pulling data from a native XML repository like Tamino, developers can access content immediately without additional translation, saving time and reducing the risk of diminished performance, data alteration or extra manual administration. To support the partnership, Software AG and Percussion Software will co-market each other’s products and will also provide software implementation and technical support.,