Arbortext, Inc. and empolis content management GmbH (formerly known as STEP GmbH), a subsidiary of Bertelsmann MOHN Media Group, announced that sigmalink has been integrated with the Epic E-Content Engine (E3) to add multi-channel publishing to the sigmalink content management system. The integration of sigmalink and E3 forms a single source publishing system for creation, management and publishing of information to multiple audiences via multiple media. Content may be captured from many internal and external sources, including suppliers and various departments within the organization. With the Interchange functionality of E3, non-XML content (i.e. from Word, FrameMaker, Interleaf or Web forms) can be converted to XML and managed by sigmalink. Out of the single source, sigmalink delivers information for publishing to the E3 formatting engine, which formats according to media-specific requirements. sigmalink and E3 provide multiple source input, flexible content management, and multiple target output functionality for an enterpriseinformation management environment.,