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Day: March 13, 2001

BEA Expands Content Management Partnerships to 11 with New Interface

BEA Systems, Inc. announced an expanded group of content management partners that integrate with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server through a newly published interface. The expanded partnerships help businesses reduce both the time and cost for e-commerce and mobile-commerce content development and management. Now content management systems from Documentum, Interwoven, eBT, eGrail, Eprise, FatWire, FileNET, Gauss Interprise, IntraNet Solutions, Openpages and Starbase can help automate content production, personalization and delivery on the BEA WebLogic Personalization Server. With the expanded number of partners using BEA’s newly published content management service provider interface, BEA WebLogic customers have a greater choice of content management solutions. BEA currently bundles versions of Documentum 4i Web Content Management Edition and Interwoven Content Express for BEA to help provide businesses with an e-commerce solution that addresses virtually all aspects of content personalization. In addition, BEA WebLogic customers now can choose from the following list of integrated content management packages: eBT’s engenda, eGrail’s Publishing System, Eprise’s Participant Server, FatWire’s UpdateEngine5, FileNET’s Panagon Platform, Gauss’ VIP Platform, IntraNet Solutions’ Xpedio, Openpages’ ContentWare, and Starbase’s eXpressroom. The new content management service provider interface, which allows BEA partners to integrate with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server in a standardized format, is available through the BEA Star Partner Program. All 11 content management partners are members of the recently announced BEA Star Partner Program, which is designed to foster strong alliances between BEA and its partners with program initiatives tailored to their specific business models and needs.

Inktomi Unveils New Search Software

Inktomi Corp. announced significant enhancements to the Inktomi Search/Web service, providing its customers with a more advanced software infrastructure for delivering highly relevant, comprehensive search results to Internet users. Inktomi now incorporates new relevance modeling, content blending and Internet crawling technologies into its Web search platform to offer users continually enhanced search relevance, easier access to the most accurate search results from multiple content sources and a fresher, broader search index. Built upon Inktomi’s core relevance and link, text and click analysis technologies, the enhanced relevance modeling also measures statistically significant samples of search results and compares them with human judgment. Inktomi offers new content blending capabilities that combine query results from disparate databases, serving the most relevant results up front. Content blending allows directory categories, standard Web pages and other premium content to be ranked in order of relevancy without being segmented by file type, making it easier for users to find the link they want. Inktomi’s new distributed crawling architecture scans the Web more frequently, revisiting missed content and refreshing updated pages more often. Inktomi recently announced it is also working directly with content providers to ensure its database has the most current collection of Web documents, including hard to crawl pages such as those containing XML or dynamic content.

Enfish Launches Improved Enfish Onespace, Version 3.0

Enfish Technology, Inc. announced the launch of Enfish Onespace Version 3.0. Version 3.0 of Enfish Onespace enhances the Microsoft Windows operating system by adding a customizable desktop that is automatically personalized for each user as it installs. Enfish Onespace creates a cross-referenced index that gives users easy access by subject to all their e-mail, tasks, appointments, favorite websites, contacts and documents in one secure, convenient place. The major functional areas of Enfish Onespace have been separated into easy-to-use modes, which are represented by toolbar buttons on the top of each page. Selecting one of the modes will take users to specific areas that will help them get the most out of Enfish Onespace. Each mode now features an action bar to enable users to quickly share, or respond to, an item. Performance has been greatly improved with faster loading of the application and pages. An improved architecture refreshes data as it changes, creating a more seamless environment. Users can select their preferred search engines for Internet-based searches. Users can retrieve email addresses and send correspondence quickly and easily with a new Rolodex feature that brings instant access to important contact information. Enfish has added several shortcuts to version 3.0 to make sending e-mail even easier, including an action button on top of every page for sending, and a mail drop-down arrow displaying all contacts for quick and easy selection. Enfish Onespace Version 3.0 is available from select partners and the Enfish web site. Enfish Onespace was initially available as a free download from the company’s web site. With the release of the enhanced Version 3.0, Enfish Onespace will now be available for $69.95. Current users of Enfish Onespace will be given the opportunity to upgrade to Version 3.0 at no charge. Enfish works with partners to customize Enfish Onespace for specific companies and integrate Enfish Onespace with enterprise portal and Customer Relationship Management solutions.

New Search Engine from Hiawatha Island targets Metadata

Hiawatha Island Software, Inc. released Hi-Search, a metadata-only search engine technology that yields significantly faster and more accurate matches than today’s full text search engines. Hi-Search operates independently or in conjunction with full-text search engines and portals. It is the first search tool to provide database-like, “fielded” searches for all metadata- and XML-packaged documents on a network, an intranet or the Internet. Key features of Hi-Search include: Rapid Fielded Search; Support for Web Documents, Microsoft Office Documents, & XML Packages; Automated Scheduling; HTML Index Builder; XML Catalog Builder; and Web Search Interface Support. Hi-Search Server pricing starts at $2,995.00. GSA pricing is available. A Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) is also included. Hi-Search Server requires Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 4 or greater) or Windows 2000. Minimum hardware requirements are a PC with Pentium 75 MHz (or equivalent) or greater; Pentium II 500 MHz processor or better recommended; SVGA (256 color) graphic display capability.

J.D. Edwards Expands Reach Into Global Enterprise Content Management

J.D. Edwards & Company announced the limited general availability of Content Manager, a tool that allows enterprises to manage multi-lingual content with standard desktop tools like Microsoft Office. Content Manager allows “single sourcing” – creating a single content repository that can be used by a company’s network of offices, partners and customers anywhere in the world. Slated for general availability this spring, Content Manager expands on the existing enterprise content management technology with three unique features: The product allows different departments to share and reuse content components, not just whole documents, for multiple output formats such as print, web and CD-ROM; Content Manager uses Microsoft Office to manage content components; and Content Manager is designed to facilitate multi-lingual content development and publishing. With its Microsoft partnership, J.D. Edwards’ Content Manager provides immediate user-friendliness and content adaptability. The product’s architecture is geared to work with translation technologies such as Trados Inc., leveraging memory and terminology translation tools that result in significant cost savings. Content Manager, part of J.D. Edwards’ knowledge management offerings, features data-based content with flexible metadata, intelligent searching, check-in/check-out of content, output to compound documents and HTML for web content, content relationship management, link management, revision and version control, configurable workflow and integrated translation strategy. Content Manager is also designed to integrate with existing information workflow processes for maximum efficiency.

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