BEA Systems, Inc. announced an expanded group of content management partners that integrate with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server through a newly published interface. The expanded partnerships help businesses reduce both the time and cost for e-commerce and mobile-commerce content development and management. Now content management systems from Documentum, Interwoven, eBT, eGrail, Eprise, FatWire, FileNET, Gauss Interprise, IntraNet Solutions, Openpages and Starbase can help automate content production, personalization and delivery on the BEA WebLogic Personalization Server. With the expanded number of partners using BEA’s newly published content management service provider interface, BEA WebLogic customers have a greater choice of content management solutions. BEA currently bundles versions of Documentum 4i Web Content Management Edition and Interwoven Content Express for BEA to help provide businesses with an e-commerce solution that addresses virtually all aspects of content personalization. In addition, BEA WebLogic customers now can choose from the following list of integrated content management packages: eBT’s engenda, eGrail’s Publishing System, Eprise’s Participant Server, FatWire’s UpdateEngine5, FileNET’s Panagon Platform, Gauss’ VIP Platform, IntraNet Solutions’ Xpedio, Openpages’ ContentWare, and Starbase’s eXpressroom. The new content management service provider interface, which allows BEA partners to integrate with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server in a standardized format, is available through the BEA Star Partner Program. All 11 content management partners are members of the recently announced BEA Star Partner Program, which is designed to foster strong alliances between BEA and its partners with program initiatives tailored to their specific business models and needs.