J.D. Edwards & Company announced the limited general availability of Content Manager, a tool that allows enterprises to manage multi-lingual content with standard desktop tools like Microsoft Office. Content Manager allows “single sourcing” – creating a single content repository that can be used by a company’s network of offices, partners and customers anywhere in the world. Slated for general availability this spring, Content Manager expands on the existing enterprise content management technology with three unique features: The product allows different departments to share and reuse content components, not just whole documents, for multiple output formats such as print, web and CD-ROM; Content Manager uses Microsoft Office to manage content components; and Content Manager is designed to facilitate multi-lingual content development and publishing. With its Microsoft partnership, J.D. Edwards’ Content Manager provides immediate user-friendliness and content adaptability. The product’s architecture is geared to work with translation technologies such as Trados Inc., leveraging memory and terminology translation tools that result in significant cost savings. Content Manager, part of J.D. Edwards’ knowledge management offerings, features data-based content with flexible metadata, intelligent searching, check-in/check-out of content, output to compound documents and HTML for web content, content relationship management, link management, revision and version control, configurable workflow and integrated translation strategy. Content Manager is also designed to integrate with existing information workflow processes for maximum efficiency. www.jdedwards.com