Hiawatha Island Software, Inc. released Hi-Search, a metadata-only search engine technology that yields significantly faster and more accurate matches than today’s full text search engines. Hi-Search operates independently or in conjunction with full-text search engines and portals. It is the first search tool to provide database-like, “fielded” searches for all metadata- and XML-packaged documents on a network, an intranet or the Internet. Key features of Hi-Search include: Rapid Fielded Search; Support for Web Documents, Microsoft Office Documents, & XML Packages; Automated Scheduling; HTML Index Builder; XML Catalog Builder; and Web Search Interface Support. Hi-Search Server pricing starts at $2,995.00. GSA pricing is available. A Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) is also included. Hi-Search Server requires Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 4 or greater) or Windows 2000. Minimum hardware requirements are a PC with Pentium 75 MHz (or equivalent) or greater; Pentium II 500 MHz processor or better recommended; SVGA (256 color) graphic display capability. www.hisoftware.com