Enfish Technology, Inc. announced the launch of Enfish Onespace Version 3.0. Version 3.0 of Enfish Onespace enhances the Microsoft Windows operating system by adding a customizable desktop that is automatically personalized for each user as it installs. Enfish Onespace creates a cross-referenced index that gives users easy access by subject to all their e-mail, tasks, appointments, favorite websites, contacts and documents in one secure, convenient place. The major functional areas of Enfish Onespace have been separated into easy-to-use modes, which are represented by toolbar buttons on the top of each page. Selecting one of the modes will take users to specific areas that will help them get the most out of Enfish Onespace. Each mode now features an action bar to enable users to quickly share, or respond to, an item. Performance has been greatly improved with faster loading of the application and pages. An improved architecture refreshes data as it changes, creating a more seamless environment. Users can select their preferred search engines for Internet-based searches. Users can retrieve email addresses and send correspondence quickly and easily with a new Rolodex feature that brings instant access to important contact information. Enfish has added several shortcuts to version 3.0 to make sending e-mail even easier, including an action button on top of every page for sending, and a mail drop-down arrow displaying all contacts for quick and easy selection. Enfish Onespace Version 3.0 is available from select partners and the Enfish web site. Enfish Onespace was initially available as a free download from the company’s web site. With the release of the enhanced Version 3.0, Enfish Onespace will now be available for $69.95. Current users of Enfish Onespace will be given the opportunity to upgrade to Version 3.0 at no charge. Enfish works with partners to customize Enfish Onespace for specific companies and integrate Enfish Onespace with enterprise portal and Customer Relationship Management solutions. www.enfish.com