Inktomi Corp. announced significant enhancements to the Inktomi Search/Web service, providing its customers with a more advanced software infrastructure for delivering highly relevant, comprehensive search results to Internet users. Inktomi now incorporates new relevance modeling, content blending and Internet crawling technologies into its Web search platform to offer users continually enhanced search relevance, easier access to the most accurate search results from multiple content sources and a fresher, broader search index. Built upon Inktomi’s core relevance and link, text and click analysis technologies, the enhanced relevance modeling also measures statistically significant samples of search results and compares them with human judgment. Inktomi offers new content blending capabilities that combine query results from disparate databases, serving the most relevant results up front. Content blending allows directory categories, standard Web pages and other premium content to be ranked in order of relevancy without being segmented by file type, making it easier for users to find the link they want. Inktomi’s new distributed crawling architecture scans the Web more frequently, revisiting missed content and refreshing updated pages more often. Inktomi recently announced it is also working directly with content providers to ensure its database has the most current collection of Web documents, including hard to crawl pages such as those containing XML or dynamic content.